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Hilo Imperial Jewelers
Phone : 1 (808) 959 - 7600
Toll free :1(866) 959-7600

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Hawaiian Ring Hawaiian Pendant
Hawaiian Bracelet Hawaiian Bracelet Special Design
Hawaiian Earring Collections Plumeria Flower Collections
Special of the Month Flower Bangle and Pendant
About our company

Horizontal pendant

Hawaiian Bracelet New Raise design



*Prices subject to change without notice.  Last updated Oct. 10,2000 ( Aug. 24,2000.)
*Pictures shown are not to scale.
* For Questions, Customer service or merchandise servicing, please E-MAIL to 
Hilo Imperial Jewelers or call (808) 959-7600. Mahalo !
* For merchandise servicing items, Please send to :
Hilo Imperial Jewelers
111 E. Puainako Street # 715
Hilo,     HI. 96720